School Hours and Schedules


Regular School Hours

Grades 1-5

8:30-12:45 and 2:00-3:00





Additional Hours

Beginning of School Day

Arrival 8:10 am. Students should line up in their marked line on the social distance marks. Each child will have his/her temperature taken before entering the school building.

For safety reasons, it is imperative that children do not arrive early to school. Supervision of the outside of the building begins at 8:10 AM. 

End of the School Day

Students are expected to go directly home at the end of the school day and not return to play on the school grounds. If your child has not arrived home within the correct time frame, please call your child’s elementary school immediately. No child will be kept after school more than five (5) minutes without the parent’s permission. This permission will be obtained by a staff member either over the phone or through written correspondence.

5-Day Days of the Week

All Haddonfield District elementary schools will be following a 5-day weekly schedule.

Half-Day Schedule

There is no special half-day schedule since we are currently operating on a modified half-day hybrid schedule.

Lunch Time

Students will be dismissed from school at 12:45 PM for lunch each day. Lunch will be from 1-2 PM. Virtual school resumes for all students in elementary at 2:00 PM for specials and “Principal Dailies.”

Inclusive Preschool Schedule

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