School Hours and Schedules


Regular School Hours

Grade 1-5
8:20am: First Bell
8:25am: School Begins
11:50-12:15: Lunch (3, 4, 5)
12:15-12:40: Lunch (1, 2)
3:00 pm: Dismissal

AM Session – 8:25 to 11:10am
PM Session – 12:15 to 3:00pm

Regular Pre-School Hours
AM Session – 8:45 to 11:15am
PM Session – 12:45 to 3:15pm

Half Day Hours

Grades 1-5


2-Hour Delayed Opening

Grades 1-5


AM: Canceled
PM: Normal Schedule

Cancelled. Students will attend their PM Kindergarten session

Additional Hours

Beginning of School Day
The normal arrival time to school should be five minutes prior to the beginning of the school day. Students should wait quietly outside the correct entry door. For safety reasons, it is imperative that children do not arrive early to school. Supervision of the outside of the building begins at 8:20 AM. On inclement weather days, the school doors will open at 8:20 AM and students should assemble in the All Purpose Room at Tatem and the classrooms at Central and Haddon.

End of School Day
Students are expected to go directly home at the end of the school day and not return to play on the school grounds until after 3:30 PM. Most of the students should arrive at their destination within fifteen to twenty minutes of dismissal. If your child has not arrived home within the correct timeframe, please call your child’s elementary school immediately. No child will be kept after school more than five (5) minutes without the parent’s permission. This permission will be obtained by a staff member either over the phone or through written correspondence. For insurance reasons, students may not return to the school playground until after 3:30 PM or one half hour after school closes.

Six Day Schedule
All of the Haddonfield District elementary schools and the Middle School follow a six day schedule. The six day schedule identifies each day by number, that is day 1, day 2, rather than by the day of the week name. The six day schedule is listed in the Community Calendar. All Haddonfield residents should have received this calendar prior to the start of the school year.

Half Day Schedule
On half days, grades 1-5 attend from 8:25am – 12:30pm. AM Kindergarten attends from 8:25am – 10:55am. PM Kindergarten attends from 10:00am – 12:30pm. Lunch is not served on half days.

Lunch Time
Students may eat their lunch either in the cafeteria or at home. For safety reasons, the school must be informed, either by phone or in writing, when your child will be going home for lunch. Students who go home for lunch must leave the school grounds immediately at lunch/recess dismissal; otherwise, children are to remain at school for lunch. Students are not permitted to go to downtown Haddonfield unless accompanied by a parent. Lunch may either be brought to school or students may purchase a lunch at school. The lunch menus are sent home at the beginning of each month.

Inclusive Preschool Schedule



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