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Intervention and Referral Services

I&RS is required by NJ Administrative Code 6A: 16‐8.1. District boards of education shall establish and implement a coordinated system in each school building for planning and delivering of intervention and referral services that are designed to assist students who are experiencing learning, behavior, or health difficulties and to assist staff, who have difficulty addressing a student’s learning, behavior, or health needs. District boards of education shall choose the appropriate multidisciplinary team approach for planning and delivering the services required under this sub-chapter.

Interventions in the general education setting shall be provided to students exhibiting academic difficulties and shall be utilized, as appropriate, prior to referring a student for an evaluation of eligibility for special education and related services. The staff of the general education program shall maintain written documentation, including data setting forth the types of interventions utilized, the frequency and duration of each intervention, and the effectiveness of each intervention.

Team members vary depending on need, but typically include an administrator, school Nurse, school counselor (s),social worker, instructional staff members, and a member of the Child Study Team. The goal of the team is to attend to referrals made to the team through careful identification and implementation of interventions as needed.

What kind of needs are reviewed by the I&RS Team?

When a child experiences difficulties that affect his or her academic progress, or has exhibited behavior that interferes with learning, the teacher may request support from I&RS. Student difficulties may include problems responding to written or verbal information, a pattern of inconsistent work completion, excessive absence and/or tardiness, and consistent challenges maintaining positive relationships with peers.

How does I&RS help both teachers and students?

I&RS supports the teachers and students by developing an intervention plan that may provide alternative strategies, programs, and/or assessments. The interventions are designed to support the student in achieving success within the regular education program.

When is an appropriate time to request an I&RS review?

A classroom teacher routinely differentiates instruction to address a child’s needs in the classroom. A classroom teacher may request services of the I&RS Team when a particular child continues to have difficulties despite these efforts. The referrer must complete and submit a Pre-Meeting Checklist Referral Form directly to the Team Leader to ignite the process.

How does the I&RS Team differ from the Child Study Team?

I&RS recommends actions intended to help resolve the challenge identified to prevent referral to the Child Study Team. If the actions taken and resources used are not adequate and the problem still remains, the child’s needs may suggest referral to the Child Study Team.

How can I get additional information about Intervention and Referral

Please contact the school’s principal. 

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